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.NET platform includes servers; building-block services and Business intelligent services
The Microsoft .NET is a software technology that is available with several Microsoft Windows operating systems. It includes a large library of pre-coded solutions.
.NET Framework is a key Microsoft offering and is intended to be used by most new applications.
PHP is a powerful server-side scripting language for creating dynamic and interactive websites.
PHP allows you to preform numerous mathematical tasks. You can do anything from simple addition to complex geometry. You can also do things like round numbers, convert bases, or find the absolute value of numbers.
To specify the structure of documents for retrieval across the Internet using browser programs of the WorldWideWeb.
In a hypertext browsing system, the page is the basic object into which elements are placed, and which is common to all documents across all display technologies. Much of the structure of a document might be implicitly expressed via links between pages.
About GNL Consulting, LLC
GNL Consulting, LLC is a website development and e-commerce software development company implementing IT-projects of any complexity. Our experience in providing successful web development, backend web programming, e-commerce software development services and maintenance of sophisticated applications for different industries helps us create solutions working trouble free from the start. GNL Consulting expertise guarantees quality, competency and rapid execution of any projects - from small websites to complex e-commerce software and custom solution programming...
GNL Consulting specializes in partnering with advertising companies from all over to provide them with the resources and commitment to handle any project. GNL Consulting offers a TQM policy for each and every job no matter the size, or complexity of each project.
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